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175countries trade data is available in Global Trade Data Technology Company

China Trade Data include China Customs Data(CCD25,CCD42), China CustomsData with Detailed Product (CCDD), ChinaBoth-side-company Data (CBD),China Statistics Data(CSD),China Trade Flow Data(CTF), China Exporters and Importers (CEI), and China total import and export tradedata;

US & Canada Trade Data include US Bills Export Data, USBills Import Data, US Statistics Import and Export Data, US Trade Flow data, USExporters and Importers, Canada Trade Flow Data, and Canada Exporters and Importers;

Indonesia & India & Asia Trade Data include Customs Importand Export Data of Indonesia, India, Viet Nam, South Korea, Kazakhstan, etc.,and Pakistan bills Import and Export Data, Asia Statistics Import and ExportData, Asia Trade Flow Data, Asia Exporters and Importers, and Asia Total Importand Export Data.

Mexico & Brazil & Latin America Data include Customs Importand Export Data of Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, etc., and Hondurasbills Import and Export Data, Latin America Statistics Import and Export Data, LatinAmerica Trade Flow Data, Latin America Exporters and Importers, and Latin AmericaTotal Import and Export Data.;

Russia & Ukraine & Eastern Europe Trade Data include Customs Importand Export Data of Russia and Ukraine,and Eastern Europe Statistics Import and Export Data, Eastern Europe Trade FlowData, Eastern Europe Exporters and Importers, and Eastern Europe Total Importand Export Data;

EU 28 Countries & Western Europe Trade Data include UK Customs Importand Export Data, and European Union 28 Countries Statistics Import and ExportData, Spain Exporters and Importers, Western Europe Trade Flow Data, and WesternEurope Total Import and Export Data;

Australia & New Zealand & Oceania Trade Data include Trade Flow Data ofAustralia, New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa and French Polynesia;

South Africa & Egypt & Africa Trade Data include Trade Flow Dataof South Africa, Egypt, Botswana,Morocco,etc..

DataAvailability details are in Country List covering 175 countries.