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Monitor Competitors

Evaluate Suppliers

Who are your major  competitors? How do their importing volumes compare to yours? Where do your  competitors source each of their products? How is the relationships between  competitors and their customers, and between competitors and their providers?  Where do they import from and export to? What do they import and export? How  abut their products, purchase cost, and sale price?

Global Trade Data and  Global Research Report provide access to insight of your competitors'  information, and help you better understand the competitive dynamics in your  industry

Where can you find  reliable new suppliers of related products? Who else do your current suppliers  sell to? Which countries do they export to? Which ports? How many are their  average monthly exports ? How abut the price? How abut the products and their  specification?

No best, but much  better! Evaluate potential suppliers based on their true shipping records. Find  high quality suppliers Reduce your purchase cost and improve your product  quality.

Track Buyers

Research Markets

what companies are  importing? Who they buy from? Who are your potential customers? What do your  customers do? Which countries do they import From? Which ports? How many are  their average monthly imports ? How abut the price? How abut the products and  their specification?

Identify major  importers that can benefit from your services. Keep an eye on your current  customers. Track the behavior of your current customers to ensure you are  winning all their business.

How many buyers  (importers), suppliers (exporters), and competitors in the industry? How many  imports and exports in the industry? What is the supply and demand? How about  the importing or exporting products and their specification? Which countries  import or export? How about your purchase source, customer distribution, and Competitiveness?  Which Market has Potential for your Products?

Identify supply/demand  shifts and capitalize on domestic and international opportunities. Precise  knowledge of yourself, your competitors, your suppliers, your buyers, your  Industry, and the opportunities and threats leads to success and growth!